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    Sunday, 24 May 2009

    Northamptonshire Beer Festival 2009- The Beer List

    The Northamptonshire Beer Festival starts this Thursday at Delapre Abbey in Northampton at 5pm. It is then open all day from noon. The beer list which should be final is listed below. I will update with any changes as and when they occur.

    Abbeydale Brimstone
    Abbeydale Belfry
    B&T Gold Leaf
    B&T R101
    B&T Black Dragon Mild
    B&T Edwin Taylors Extra Stout
    Bank Top Flat Cap
    Bank Top Volunteer
    Bank Top Pavilion
    Bank Top Port o' Call
    Beowulf Wuffa
    Beowulf Goldwork
    Beowulf Chasewater
    Beowulf Swordsman
    Blue Cow Best Bitter
    Blue Monkey Original
    Blue Monkey Evolution
    Blythe Blythe Bitter
    Blythe Staffie
    Blythe Ridware Pale
    Blythe Tetty's Tipple
    Boggart Hole Clough Dark Mild
    Boggart Hole Clough Standard Pioneer
    Boggart Hole Clough Sun Dial
    Boggart Hole Clough Ray of Sunshine
    Boggart Hole Clough Dark Rum Porter
    Brampton Best
    Brampton 1302
    Brass Monkey Best Bitter
    Brass Monkey Mandrill
    Brass Monkey Monkey Pooh
    Brass Monkey Silverback
    Brewdog Zeitgeist
    Brewdog Punk
    Brewdog 77Lager
    Brewdog Dogma
    Brewdog Trashy Blonde
    Brewdog Paradox Smokehead
    Brewsters Hophead
    Brewsters Marquis
    Brewsters Cheval Mort
    Brewsters Kiyo
    Bridestones Pennine Dark Mild
    Bridestones Brown Ale
    Bridestones TJ5
    Bridestones Sandman
    Brunswick White Feather
    Brunswick Pilsener
    Cathedral Magna Carta
    Cathedral St Hugh's
    Cathedral Black Imp
    Cherwell Valley Larkrise
    Cherwell Valley Cropredy Bridge
    Cherwell Valley Kineton Fight
    Cherwell Valley Duke of Cumberlands Head
    Concrete Cow Ironbridge Brew
    Concrete Cow Cowzat'
    Dark Star Hophead
    Dark Star Espresso
    Dark Star Festival
    Dark Star Original
    Dent Dent Bitter
    Dent Aviator Ale
    Dent T'owd Tup
    Digfield Fools Nook
    Digfield Barnwell Bitter
    Digfield March Hare
    Digfield Shacklebush
    Digfield IPA
    Digfield Mad Monk
    Dowbridge Centurion
    Dowbridge Fosse
    Dowbridge Legion
    Dowbridge DB Dark
    Dowbridge Morgans Beez Neez
    Elland Mambo
    Elland Beyond the Pale
    Elland Anniversary Ale
    Elland Space
    Empire Golden Warrior
    Empire Pilgrim
    Empire Valour
    Empire Longbow
    Frog Island Fuggled Frog
    Frog Island Best Bitter
    Frog Island Shoemaker
    Frog Island Natterjack
    Frog Island Fire Bellied Toad
    Frog Island Croak & Stagger
    Full Mash Brass Monkey
    Full Mash Stapleford Stout
    Grainstore Cooking
    Grainstore 1050
    Grainstore Silly Billy
    Grainstore NIP
    Great Oakley Welland Valley Mild
    Great Oakley Wot's Occurring
    Great Oakley Wagtail
    Great Oakley Harpers
    Great Oakley Gobble
    Great Oakley Delapre Dark
    Great Oakley Tailshaker
    Great Oakley Abbey Stout
    Green Mill Chocolate Mild
    Green Mill A Bitter T'ale
    Green Mill Chief
    Green Mill Big Chief
    Hart Nemesis
    Hart Dishy Debbie
    Hawkshead Bitter
    Hawkshead Lakeland Gold
    Hawkshead Brodies Prime
    Hoggleys Northamptonshire Bitter
    Hoggleys Kislingbury Bitter
    Hoggleys Mill Lane Mild
    Hoggleys Reservoir Hogs
    Hoggleys Pump Fiction
    Hoggleys Solstice Stout
    Hoggleys Slum Hog
    Hopshackle Historic Porter
    Hopshackle Double Momentum
    Iceni Celtic Queen
    Iceni Fine Soft Day
    Iceni Cranberry Wheat
    Julian Church Parson's Nose
    Julian Church Wonky Spire
    Julian Church Martyr
    Leatherbritches Copper Classic
    Magpie Fledgling
    Magpie Dark Secret
    Magpie Best Bitter
    Magpie Monty's FIrkin
    Mallinsons Amarillo
    Mallinsons Statue of Zeus
    Mallinsons TR7
    Mallinsons Jubilee Tower
    Maypole Little Weed
    Maypole Major Oak
    Milestone Raspberry Wheat
    Milestone Loxley
    Milestone Rich Ruby
    Milton Icarus
    Milton Nero
    Naylors Pinnacle Bitter
    Naylors Pinnacle Blonde
    Nethergate Old Growler
    Nethergate Essex Beast
    Nethergate Umbel Magna
    Nethergate Lounge Lizard
    Nethergate Essex Border
    Nobbys Best Bitter
    Nobbys Guilsborough Gold
    Nobbys Claridges Crystal
    Nobbys Monster Mash
    Nobbys Chilli Summer
    Nobbys T'owd Navigation
    Oakham Endless Summer
    Oakham Attila
    Oakham JHB
    Oakham Inferno
    Oakham White Dwarf
    Oakham Bishops Farewell
    Oldershaw Grantham Dark
    Oldershaw Regal Blonde
    Oldershaw High Dyke
    Oldershaw Harrowby Pale
    Oldershaw Grantham Stout
    Oldershaw Ahtanum Gold
    Grainstore Phipps IPA
    Grainstore Phipps Red Star
    Potbelly Welland Truly
    Potbelly Black Sun
    Potbelly Potbelly Best
    Potbelly Aisling
    Potbelly Ambrosia
    Potbelly Beijing Black
    Potbelly Inner Daze
    Potbelly Crazy Daze
    Purple Moose Black Hand Porter
    Purple Moose Madogs
    Purple Moose Snowdonia
    Purple Moose Glaslyn Ale
    Purple Moose Darkside of the Moose
    RCH Old Slug Porter
    RCH East Street Cream
    RCH Double Header
    RCH Steampole
    RCH PG Steam
    Red Squirrel BSPA
    Red Squirrel London Porter
    Red Squirrel English IPA
    Red Squirrel Colorado American IPA
    Red Squirrel Blonde
    Rockingham A1 Amber Ale
    Rockingham Black Forest
    Sawbridgeworth Malt Shovel Porter
    Sawbridgeworth Chocolate Orange Stout
    Shardlow Kiln House
    Shardlow Whistle Stop
    Shardlow Golden Hop
    Silverstone Pitstop
    Silverstone Chequered Flag
    Southport Golden Sands
    Southport Carousel
    Spinning Dog Herefordshire Owd Bull
    Spinning Dog Mutleys Dark
    Spinning Dog Celtic Gold
    Spinning Dog Mutts Nutts
    Spire Ruby Tuesday
    Spire Land Of Hop And Glory
    St.Georges St George is mild
    St.Georges Order of the Garter
    St.Georges Dragons Blood
    Tower Steamin Billy Last Bark
    Tower Steamin Billy Skydiver
    Tower steamin Billy Fox's Revenge
    Titanic Golden Age
    Ufford White Hart
    Ufford Golden Drop
    Vale Vale Best Bitter
    Vale Edgar's Golden Ale
    Vale Hadda's Spring Gold
    Vale VPA
    Vale Castle Bitter
    Weatheroak Light Oak
    Weatheroak Victoria Works
    White Horse Village Idiot
    White Horse Wayland Smithy
    White Horse Black Beauty
    White Park White Gold
    White Park Kellihopter
    White Park Cranfield Bitter
    Whitehaven Ennerdale Breeze
    Whitehaven Ennerdale Bitter
    Whitehaven Ennerdale Blonde
    Whitehaven Ennerdale Copper
    Wild Walker Old Big Ead
    Wild Walker Last Orders
    Wolf Golden Jackal
    Wolf Lavender Honey
    Wolf Woild Moild

    1 comment:

    Karen and Mark said...

    This is a provisional cider list, I suspect there will be multiples from one or two of these producers:

    Eve's Widling Cider -Northants
    Gwynt-Y-Ddraig - Glamorgan
    Lyne Down - Herefordshire
    Millwhites - Hertfordshire
    Rockingham Forest Cider (6.4%) Dry - Northants
    Rockingham Forest Sulgrave Orchard Cider (6.4%) Medium - Northants