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    Wednesday, 30 May 2007

    Organic Beer Not Allowed In Organic Glass

    News reaches me from Somerset that Britain's greenest festival is see the launch of an organic ale from Moles Brewery: Sunrise Celebration Ale. However the plans to serve it in a compostable corn starch glass are being outlawed by local trading standards officials as these glasses do not have the official EU stamp mark on them.

    However, one of the organisers of the festival states "The contentious issue (with the glasses) is the size although the glasses are clearly marked and measured with the right capacity, with 4oz extra to allow for the head of the beer, fulfilling all the required criteria."

    So the arguement is that the glasses have the wrong type of stamp. How ridiculous and what a waste of a perfect example of a green initiative.

    I think I would prefer to drink my beer from glass but on this occasion I would use these glasses just to highlight the madness of bureaucracy.

    The beer will be launched nationwide after the festival. I will try to seek it out.

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    Stonch said...

    Although I agree that this is a bad result, I think people would be equally outraged if it became general practice in the UK for people to sell beer in self-certified measures, as opposed to properly stamped glasses. The requirement to crown stamp glasses is undoubtedly for the benefit of the consumer. In the US they don't do so, and you never know what kind of measure you're going to get. A pint doesn't even mean a pint over there.