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    Monday, 28 May 2007

    What a Dreadful Article

    This article in what I always thought was a quality newspaper took my eye this weekend. What a load of stuff and nonsense. I have no problem with people having different tastes to me, and as I don't drink beer with curry I cannot pick holes in their ideas of what beers best accompany King Prawn Jalfrezi or Vegetable Bhuna.

    What I do take exception to are some of the ridiculous inaccuracies and spelling mistakes. Firstly White Shield IPA is sharp and hoppy, because it's a live beer. So all bottle conditioned ales are naturally sharp and hoppy and have less malt do they? Hmmm interesting.

    Then we have "Kostriker" (sic) I'm sure they mean Köstritzer Schwarzbier. Apparently because this is very, very dark it should be heady. Also it's "much more of a lager than you'd think. Well, surprise, surprise, it is a lager. Schwarzbiers are lagers, don't you know that Observer??

    Cobra is described as " a beer to knock back of an evening". What does that mean?

    Finally Budweiser Budvar tastes like an "unemptied diptray". Crikey! This is a beer revered by experts World wide. It may not be my favourite but it's better than that.

    This article does no credit to the beer industry. It doesn't help prove that beer is as good an accompaniment to food as wine is, and it certainly does nothing for the journalistic credentials of the paper. Come on Observer you can do so much better. Can't you?

    1 comment:

    Stonch said...

    Very poorly written article, too. Someone without the skill to describe tastes in words should not be writing in a national newspaper.

    I like the way that she considers all canned beers to be "metallic and over-processed". Nonsense. Canned beers don't taste of metal,
    no more than cask ales (most casks are metal of course). Indeed, the cans are lined so the metal doesn't touch the contents.

    You're right to draw attention to the nonsense in this article.