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    Wednesday, 30 May 2007

    Well, Bully For You

    So a landlord in Bolton is threatening to flout the smoking ban on July 1st by holding a demonstration on the day with punters lighting up in some sort of organized manoeuvre at 3pm. He claims the smoking ban is a violation of civil liberties and that if the demonstration is successful, he will continue to allow smoking in his pub, even if it means his going to court. He states smoking is a legal pastime, and of course it is, BUT it ain't gonna be a legal pastime in pubs from July 1st.

    I do wonder if this is some wonderful publicity stunt to fill his pub and have magnificent takings on what might normally be a quiet session for mine host, or if he is setting himself up to be some sort of martyr? Either way he has earned himself publicity in the Manchester Evening News and , of course, here, but if his aim is to beat the smoking ban, he's not going to win.

    So I say: "Enjoy your moment in the limelight, but prepare for defeat"

    1 comment:

    Stonch said...

    Absolutely. What a tosser.