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    Wednesday, 8 October 2008

    Church Pews

    What's with all the church pews in pubs? The Good Beer Guide seems to make a big deal of mentioning whether this form of seating is available in pubs.

    Let's make one thing clear: I don't have a big arse, yet the bloody things are far too small and uncomfortable for me to sit on. Is this a deliberate ploy to ban fatties from the premises? I think a phone call to the equality and human rights commission may be in order next time you can't find a seat wide enough to park your bum.


    Paul Garrard said...

    Well it used to be said that pubs were churches where the prayer books have handles. I know what you mean about pews. They are so uncomfortable, I dislike the way you have to sit bolt upright as if you've just had an examination by rubber glove.

    Bailey said...

    I thought for a moment this was a guest post by Jerry Seinfeld...

    I guess the thinking is that they add second hand character to characterless pubs, but I'm not a fan. Old leather armchairs in pubs, however, I'm a little partial to.

    a swift one... said...

    Jeez if that's a photo from one of your locals I wouldn't go in regardless of the seating!!

    haddonsman said...

    If the pews are uncomfortable enough to encourage the braying lunch hoards to stuff foccicia down their necks and fuck off back to work, I'm all for them.

    Even though I'm blessed with a backside the size of a small shire county, I quite like pews and settles. Partly for the challenge of staying sat on polished wood or sliding cushions. Mainly for the fact that once I've got my arse wedged in, I can't get up again so someone else has to go to the bar.