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    Thursday, 2 October 2008

    Northampton 9am

    Picture the scene, a Midlands town market square; people going to work, shops just opening up. Market traders putting the finishing touches to their stalls, and outside the Wetherspoons a small queue is forming.

    I would like to think that they are eagerly anticipating opening time so they can have a mug of coffee with their vegetarian breakfast, but somehow I doubt it. I'm all for extending opening hours so pubs don't have to shut at 11pm, but who really needs a pint at 9am?


    YCC - Dubbel said...

    Not me, I can happily wait til at least midday ;) But some of those old unquenchables had probably been up and dressed for three hours by then and were gasping!

    Wetherspoons breakfast - the slightly more acceptable face of alcoholism.

    haddonsman said...

    I'll admit - I've had a pint with a cooked breakfast at 0915 on a Sunday morning.

    As for who needs a pint at 9:
    - scoopers
    - old soaks
    - students who haven't been to bed yet
    - shift workers

    A pint of stout with a cooked breakfast is lovely. A pint of gassy lager on an empty and ulcerated stomach is just vile.