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    Tuesday, 13 January 2009

    Down The Pub On A Quiet Monday

    I went to the pub last night for a CAMRA meeting. It's a pub I've not been to before more's the pity as I liked it, and the two pints I had were more than acceptable. Sadly I was the nominated driver or else I would have drank more.

    Apparently this particular pub, like so many, is struggling a little and I fear for its future.

    It's interesting to see the regulars faces when a group of strangers enter their pub, and although my experiences have always been positive, I think there's a certain suspicion as to what we are doing on their territory.

    Similarly I take great interest in looking at the regulars and wondering what brings them to the pub on a Monday night. There's usually an interesting character or two on the quieter evenings; last night there was a man wearing a bowler hat which must have been two foot high. Thanks to The Beer Nut for spotting my error. It was, as the picture suggests, a TOP HAT.

    People watching down the pub is always fun.


    The Beer Nut said...

    That's extremely big for a bowler hat. So why are you giving us a picture of a topper?

    maeib said...

    Bugger! It was a top hat. Still very large

    haddonsman said...

    Struggling pub... certain suspicion of outsiders. Could the two be linked?