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    Wednesday, 21 January 2009

    Portman Group Being Prats Again

    The ridiculous Portman Group are up to their old tricks.

    Admittedly the BrewDog boys don't shy from a fight and maybe they shouldn't provoke the poor loves so much, but when are the old fuddy duddies going to get a sense of humour? It may be time to all a truce now. Sit down, have a bottle of Speedball together, admit there is no harm in labelling beer in this way, and reach the final conclusion that actually the group are a waste of space and money and disband.

    Job done - I should work for ACAS


    Paul said...

    My mum told me about this. Apparently it was featured on the programme they were watching the other night. I don't think all of their beers are immediately amazing (the Riptide needs some work for example) but the Portman Group are quite stupid. That said, the BrewDog group seem to know how to handle their PR. All the best to them.

    The Woolpack Inn said...

    The Portman Group are funded by the big alcohol producers who are all running scared of the upsurge in microbrewed beer.

    Sour grapes I think.