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    Tuesday, 6 January 2009

    IPA And Black

    The 99 pence Greene King IPA is, as expected, shifting like hotcakes in Wetherspoons establishments. No one knows how to shift cheap beer as well as JDW; their client base is well used to bargains and this is the bargain of all bargains.

    It's no surprise it's selling so well. People are always looking to save money and if you're undiscriminating about what you drink then you'll part with a pound for an average pint and a penny piece back.

    I'm amused though at stories of people adding blackcurrant to their pints. This is presumably evidence of not liking the stuff in the first place and buying it merely because it is cheap. Surely that's a step too far. Save money if you like on substandard products, but don't buy the stuff if you don't like it. That's just ridiculous.


    Paul Garrard said...

    I agree don't buy it and adulterate it. Buy something else.

    Tyson said...

    But it's the only way to make GK IPA drinkable!

    Anonymous said...

    Greene King will latch on to this, you watch. Later in the year Ruddles Blackcurrant along with the awful Rhubarb and Apple varieties.
    The best thing that can be said about the Spoons offer is it keeps the crazies out of the decent pubs.


    Mark said...

    Do these IPA and Black drinkers have to pay for their shot of Black?! If so then that's just ridiculous!

    It's a great way of drumming up some cheap publicity for Spoons though. I personally think they do a good thing for British and local ales, so if this gets drinkers through the doors and buying beer in the pub then good on them.

    Greene King IPA is crap though!

    Charlatan Athletic said...

    This is going to reduce sales of other ales in their pubs so surely it will harm beer quality across the board, and end the rep of wetherspoons as somewhere to drink interesting microbrewery beers?