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    Monday, 16 February 2009

    An Epic Beer At Wetherspoons

    This year's first Wetherspoon International Beer Festival runs from April 15 to May 4 and is planned to be the biggest and best yet.

    There will be six 'foreign' beers available (i.e. foreign recipes brewed at British breweries by their original brewer). The first of these that has been announced is Pale Ale from New Zealand brewer Epic.

    What is interesting is that this beer which is said to have fifteen different hops (Thanks to Mr Reluctant for spotting my mistake here [see comments] although it seems it's a common misconception) is to be brewed at Everards in Leicester, rather than one of the Marstons stables of breweries. Clearly more breweries are becoming interested in aiding the brewing of interesting and tasty beers

    It is the first time this beer has been served from the cask. It should make for good drinking as, hopefully, will all the other festival exclusives.


    Anonymous said...

    Unlike others, i really liked most of the International ales from the Last festival . So seeing that they are doing more, just makes me so happy.

    This one looks Cracking.


    haddonsman said...

    Epic's got fifteeen hops in a bottle, not fifteen different ones. The brewer explains all at

    Tyson said...

    Tad bit early for me to be worrying about this fest. There's all of March yet and several festivals beforehand.

    Dubbel said...

    Nice one JDW. Seemingly a good choice. Where do you get your Wetherfest insider info from maieb, or would that be telling?

    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    Everards was chosen as its kettle can accommodate the large volume of late kettle hops required for the recipe.