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    Sunday, 8 February 2009

    Rather A BrewDog Than A Watchdog

    The ongoing saga between BrewDog and The Portman Group is set to move on apace with the "bad boys of British brewing" (their words) threatening to sue the namby pamby self proclaimed watchdogs of alcohol morality.

    It's a shame things are dragging on like this and that my earlier advice appears to have been ignored.

    I'll watch proceedings with great interest and hope that common sense eventually prevails.


    Karen and Mark said...

    The portman group are clearly a waste of space, an industry sponsored watchdog looking after their own. Someone from the micro end of the industry needs to stand up to these fools, but it's a great shame that it's the Brewdog tits that have risen to the challenge and not a less ego driven organisation. A job for SIBA maybe.

    I don't believe Brewdog are standing up for anybody but themselves, their hugely inflated egos, and if their brand receives some collatoral publicity from their ill advised posturing, all the better.

    They seem determined to rub the prohibitionists up the wrong way, at a time when these moral arbiters would love a little more ammunition in the form of the irresponsible promotion of demon alcohol. Something Brewdog are building up quite a bit of expertise in.

    The present government are like the all-seeing-eye of Mordor, casting around to make mischief in the name of the nations health (whilst keeping their city friends beds nicely feathered). I'd much prefer it if they were looking elsewhere at the moment, but thanks to self-serving idiots like the Brewdog boys (and Big Alcohol who Brewdog seem to be trying to emulate), expect nothing but bad news for the licenced trade for the forseeable future.

    Eddie Rowles said...

    Quite right - couldn't have put it better myself...

    maeib said...

    There does appear to be a certain amount of disdain for BrewDog out there, some of which appears as comments on their own blog.

    If people don't like their beer fair enough, but I'm not sure why there's the animosity towards their marketing methods.

    We need to focus in this country on what the real problem areas are with alcohol Things like cheap strong white cider and pub and supermarket price promotions which encourage excess drinking.

    BrewDog's strong beers and playful labelling ain't really a problem.

    Dubbel said...

    I really like their beer. And their marketing. I just hope they let the lawyers get on with it now so it doesn't detract from the brewing.

    Tandleman said...

    They have given up on this. The Morning Advertiser has the story.

    Makes you wonder why they set off down this path in the first place.|0&N=598325&Ne=598327&PagingData=Po_10~Ps_10~Psd_Asc

    Jim Aitken said...

    They are simply trying to make up for their inadequicies as brewers by attempting to grab the media spotlight and generate interest in their products. Perhaps they should spend more time focusing on making drinkable beer rather than throwing their toys out the pram.

    Dubbel said...

    Are we all talking about the same brewery here? Unbelievable.

    Anonymous said...

    I can see that Brewdog are not every ones cup off tea. Especally if you only try 1 or 2 and pick the wrong ones (Islay Paradox dont work for me)

    And while i also think that there are some flaws inthe way ratebeer calculate there Top brewers list. Brewdog is sitting at position 32 and No1 of the UK.

    So Much as they dont appeal to everyone, there producing beer that many people do like, and are producing beer that very few UK brewers are producing.

    And i whole heartedly agree with Maeib, its not 12% beers that cost £4 a bottle that is the scourge of the UK drink issues. Almost every other option, Mass market lager, wine, and spirits offer more units per pound that any of Brewdogs beers.

    maeib said...

    I'm flabbergasted that anyone can castigate all BrewDog beers. Sure, I don't like the Islay ones, but beers like Punk, Chaos Theory, ZeitGeist and Riptide are excellent.