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    Sunday, 21 September 2008

    The Geese Are Coming

    Yet more exciting news regarding good imported beers is to found on Roger Protz's Beer Pages. Four new beers from Chicago's Goose Island Brewery will soon be available in the UK thanks to James Clay.

    We've had IPA, and Honkers Ale here for a few years, but soon we'll have Matilda and Pere Jacques, both Belgian styled ales. 312 Urban Wheat Ale, and the 13% Imperial Stout Bourbon County.

    That all sounds good to me. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled.


    Phil said...

    Want some, do ya!?

    Mark, I have these beer in cellar now, from my last trip to the US. I will try to remember to bring you some 312, meh. Bourbon Country is by far an away the better of the bunch, but the Pere Jaques and Matilda are great too. Lovely memories drinking them fresh in Clybourne. Tell me when you try "it" - think canned mandarin!

    Mr Johnson said...

    As a former Chicago resident, I can assure you that 312 Urban Wheat Ale is nothing to write home about. The best thing about it is the tap handle in the shape of a telephone receiver.

    I wasn't crazy about Matilda, but I know people who are. I've never had the other two.

    My favourite Goose Island beer is their Imperial IPA so I'm sorry not to see that on the list.

    That said, there doesn't seem to be anywhere in Nottingham to buy Goose Island beer anyway.

    I wonder what the best place to buy bottled beer in Nottingham is. If we have an equivalent of Derby's Red Zebra or Leicester's Offie, I don't know what it is.

    Bailey said...

    This is quite exciting news. I love their IPA, and I'm very keen to try more of the range. Hurrah for James Clay.

    Paul Garrard said...

    Sadly I've never got it. We used to stock the original two - never great sellers, so I wasn't alone me thinks.

    haddonsman said...

    Nottingham sucks for bottled beer. The deli on Weekday Cross has some local stuff, Alcazar's shop had a few odd bits of fun (though its been a while since I was out that way) and that's about it.

    Red Zebra in Derby has been and gone but is hoping to open a new city-centre shop soon complete with cellar and tasting room.

    Best outlet I can think of for Goose Island would be Beers Of Europe.