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    Saturday, 20 September 2008

    Hello. I'm Back

    So have you missed me? I've been to North Yorkshire for a week. Thanks for playing nicely with your comments while I've been away; they've made good reading.

    I've got a few articles up my sleeve from my time away although I've not been able to do as much drinking as I would have done in my pre-kids days. I went to a great deli, an interesting village working mens' club, a brewpub which was intially less than welcoming but improved during my stay, and had just a few beers around York.

    I've learnt a few things since being back reading the comments. I think Tandleman is less than positive about Deus, and apparently Emmanuel Adabayor is reading my blog. I'm not sure he's really invited but there you go. Anyway normal service will resume very shortly.

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