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    Tuesday, 9 September 2008

    Rushden Historical Transport Society

    I attended last night's CAMRA meeting at RHTS. Renovating old station waiting rooms into bars is not a unique thing but using a stationery train as a drinking area, complete with pub games such as Northamptonshire Skittles, is something I've not seen before.

    As the bar is currently being decorated, a lot of the decorations normally in the bar are currently housed in boxes within the train. Thus I found myself seated next to a couple of boxes of old bottled beers, some of them empty but most of them full. An empty Phipps XX bottle was of particular local interest, but a full bottle of Gales Prize Old Ale, which at a guess judging by the label dates from the 70s or 80s takes the prize for the beer I'd have liked to smuggle home and drink.

    The bar itself sells between five and seven real ales; the full quota was on last night and are priced wonderfully at between £1.90 up to £2.2o for the strongest beer on offer (5%). It's great to see a members' club showing commitment to real ale, and this has been rewarded with numerous club of the year awards from Northants CAMRA over the years.

    If you should ever find yourself in the Rushden area pay this place a visit, whether you are in to trains and other transport, or more sensibly, into beer, you will be rewarded.


    Eddie Rowles said...

    We used to visit this place whenever we (Darlo) were playing Rushden & Diamonds. Sadly R&D have gone downhill and out of the league...

    It is a great place to visit and I'd second maeib's recommendation - the beer is well kept, the members/locals are extremely friendly to visitors and the beer is competively priced (not that was our criteria for going).

    An oasis in that neck of the woods...

    Paul Garrard said...

    Sadly I think trains and beer are a perfect combination.