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    Monday, 22 December 2008

    Christmas Lunchtime Down The Pub? Not For Me.

    How is it that when I went to my parents for Christmas dinner when they lived in Cumbria, we would walk a mile and a half to the next village for lunch time pints, then walk back again, all the while in our absence Christmas dinner would be progressing nicely, with Mum putting the finishing touches to it on our return, and dinner would turn out wonderful.

    In contrast I'm cooking for eight this year, and couldn't possibly contemplate being further than five yards from the kitchen until dinner is on plates? Going to the pub is just not an option.

    Fortunately I have a garage full of beer so I won't go without, but I'd love to be as cool in the kitchen as my Mum!

    Anyway, if I don't get to write anything between now and Thursday, have a good one and crack open something decent, and think of me slaving over the turkey and all the trimmings.


    Dubbel said...

    The Christmas day lunchtime session down the pub is a must for me. Has been a tradition within the extended family for many years. I even managed to persuade the better half and her mum to follow suit last year - rewarded with some lovely Shepherd Neame Porter too.

    We're actually eating out in Market Bosworth on Christmas day this year (must be mad). Anyway, seasons greetings to you and yours maeib!

    Anonymous said...

    Believe it or not, imdownthepub will also be cooking on Christmas day, as I have been for several years. However, the supping of ale whilst cooking is a pleasure not to be underestimated. Seems to me that the great Kieth Floyd got it almost right, but with beer rather than wine, however his style of cooking most fits I think.
    Hope you all enjoy your Christmas Mark and I hope to meet up with you again in the new year.


    Paul Garrard said...

    Christmas lunchtime at the pub was once a family ritual but it is a habit that seems to have fallen by the wayside sadly.

    Have a good one!

    Barm said...

    Could it be that in your Mum's day a cooking time of three or four hours for vegetables was considered normal, leaving plenty of time to go to the pub? ;)

    Pete said...

    I had a couple of pints down at my local on Christmas day, great tradition in my opinion.