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    Sunday, 14 December 2008

    Beer In A D Cup

    An underwear shop in Harrow has offered male customers a chance to win beer if they shop in store or online, as an incentive to break their fear at buying their partners something frilly.

    I don't really understand the need for such fear when purchasing such items. At least it means the customers have someone special to buy such apparel for (or they are into transvestitism).

    In a shock move though it's not some dodgy pale lager on offer, but Coopers Sparkling Ale, a half decent beer on offer.

    So there you go then; only a handful of shopping days left to enter. Go and buy something to put jugs in and win something to put in jugs.

    1 comment:

    Superfecta said...

    I've always been of the opinion that the perfect business model would be a real bra fitting salon combined with a real beer bar/library. Heaven!