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    Tuesday, 2 December 2008

    They Drink A Lot In Derby

    My friend Simon, The Reluctant Scooper, lives just outside Derby and spends a fair amount of his time drinking within the city walls. Simon likes a drink, as those of you who read his excellent blog will have discovered for yourself by now.

    It seems though that he's not alone in liking and drinking real ale in Derby, not that I ever expected he was. In fact it seems Derby drinkers polish rather a lot of the real stuff off.

    As this article demonstrates, more pints of festival beer were sold in The Standing Order during the Wetherspoons Festival, than any other Spoons establishment, with the other (better) Spoons pub in town, The Babington Arms coming third.

    There are rumours that beer is so expensive in Derby freehouses that the locals can only afford to drink in Spoons, but that's just malicious if you ask me.

    One thing that worries me though is the comment in the penultimate paragraph of the article that St Austell Proper Job in The Babington tasted like "liquid pasties". Something wrong with their pipes methinks.


    Tandleman said...

    Who is this Derby Beer King then?

    haddonsman said...

    Les Baynton, who gets to tap the first cask at the festival. Whilst the rest of us are still in the Flowerpot drinking.

    I'm surprised that the Standing Order came out on top, though they did make a real effort and regularly had 8-12 fest beers on at any one time.

    and FYI - the Brunnie will always have a cheaper beer than the Standing Order!

    As for liquid pasties - sounds like a great idea to me.

    Will said...

    St. Austell Proper Job - just sampled it for the first time at a local fest and loved every inch. Best thing they've ever done!

    Tandleman said...

    Will agreed though that pump clip is shite!

    Tyson said...

    Yes, good beer, terrible pumpclip.