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    Tuesday, 2 December 2008

    Quaffale - Rest In Peace

    One of the sites I link to in the left hand bar is Quaffale. This website was an invaluable source of information about all breweries in the UK, including those in the planning pipeline. Most breweries had photos, bringing a bit of life to each page.

    It didn't attempt to list each beer brewed by each brewery; that's a thankless and impossible task, especially in these days of prevalent rebadging.

    Beer Festival organisers used the site for contact details whilst ordering beers; scoopers used it to find about new breweries as soon as they hit the pubs, and beer lovers just loved it.

    You'll notice everything in this article is in the past tense. Unfortunately, Quaffale guru Rick Pickup decided to close the site down yesterday. It's a sad event, sadder still perhaps that the information has all gone, but then leaving it as it was, and thus immediately out of date, would probably not have been the right thing to do.

    Rick, I salute you, and thanks for all the information over the last eight years.


    Dubbel said...

    This is desperately sad news.

    Anonymous said...

    Yes, very sad - and a big shock. Hopefully Rick has retained the pages and someone can rescue the site? I would offer what little help I can, and I'm sure others would too? Mike Andrew

    Paul Garrard said...

    This has been such a useful site for me over the years. A great resource that will be missed.

    Marco Daane said...

    I found out yesterday when I wanted to logon to check future festivals, for which Quaffale was an invaluable source. Shocked about the closure, I do wish Rick all the best and thank him for his great work.

    Lx said...

    You dont appreciate some things til they are gone :-(

    Rick made my job soooooo much easier - I work for a company supplying marketing items to primarily breweries (beer mats, bar runners, umbrellas etc etc)

    Anything I wanted to know about a brewery - contact details, how big they were etc Quaffale was my first port of call.

    Thank you Rick for all the help you unknowingly gave me over the years!!

    All the best