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    Sunday, 22 March 2009

    Leicester Beer Festival 2009

    Leicester Beer Festival this year was as good as ever. I managed one four hour session drinking with Simon and his friends, whilst the ale-affinity guys were also in the room. I'm late doing a write up but those lazy bloggers take the biscuit.

    As usual there was a vast selection of beers to be sampled and a vast selection of tickers to spot. It's not really my thing but the sixteen festival specials certainly are attractive to the uber-beerspotter. Beer quality was excellent; I've got a thing about indoor festivals with insufficient cooling opportunities equalling substandard beers by day three or four of the fest, but as I went on day two this really wasn't an issue.

    I've already written about the outstanding beer of the day, but other top beers were had in the form of:

    Bollington Oat Mill Stout
    Old Spot Spot O Bother
    Bragdy'r Nant Monkey Nells
    and BrewDog Divine Rebel and V2009

    Opa Hey's Engels Best Bitter was poor whilst Potbelly Captain Pigwash was disappointing. Hopefully I'll get to retry that one though.

    I'll be back again next year. My birthday week wouldn't be the same without a trip to Leicester.

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    Anonymous said...

    The Bollington Oat Mill Stout was at the Camden BF. Recommended to me by a bar manager there and it was very good.

    Incidentally this was the third and last day and cooling seemed to be non-existent but quality of all beers I tried was good.