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    Tuesday, 3 March 2009

    Bells Brewery Branching Into Pubs

    I wrote about Bells Brewery's off licence here and again here after it relocated. Well sadly it's no more. That's a real shame as it was a very decent offie with a good selection of bottled beer.

    The brewery though is branching out into the pub scene and has already taken over two in Leicester with plans to increase its stable to five. The two pubs they have started with are The Queen Victoria in Southampton Street and The Leicester Gateway in Gateway Street. Both these pubs have been good real ale pubs in the past but with the Victoria closing and the Gateway changing hands the Leicester real ale scene diminished a little.

    I trust with Bells commitment both to real ale and quality imported beers these are going to be great pubs. Beer festivals should feature fairly regularly in both, and I hope to report with more information in the near future.


    haddonsman said...

    Never got to the Vic in its former life and was never impressed by the Gateway. And didn't get to either last Sunday when I had a trawl around the city. May have to call in next week after the festival...

    Dubbel said...

    Early reports are that the ale selection in both pubs is rather limited. Hopefully just finding their feet as The Gateway, in particular, has great potential.

    Gazza Prescott said...

    Let's hope they do guest beers, then, being as their own brews are - IMO - so poor.