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    Saturday, 14 March 2009

    Not A Real Ale Festival

    I got quite excited when I read that a pub chain I'd not previously heard of was holding a six-week long beer festival in its 98 pubs.

    The festival was brought to my attention by this article about a pub not a million miles from me. There's even the offer of free beer and a trip to The Czech Republic for a decent beer reviewer, if only I knew one.

    Further research however reveals that the Vintage Inns showcase will see, according to this piece from their website just seven real ales (sic). One of which is the Czech pilsnerBudweiser Budvar. The mind boggles.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to drink decent lagers at festivals and often do, but at least recognise the fact that they are not real ales. People shouldn't spread so much ignorance. Just call it a beer festival; there's nowt wrong with that.


    Curmudgeon said...

    Yeuk, Vintage Inns, chain dining pubs masquerading as something more individual and authentic.

    I once went in one just for a pint to see what it was like, and the landlady asked snootily "Will you be dining with us today, Sir?"

    At least a Brewer's Fayre doesn't pretend to be something it isn't.

    JOCKO said...

    Ive entered discusions before about what constitutes a beer fest but that is the saddest fest ive ever saw.Have to get on to SCOOPGEN to let them know about this exraveganza.THANKS for the laugh .