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    Monday, 6 April 2009

    If I Owned A Brewery Part 1 - The Name

    My brewery's name would be based on one of two criteria. It would either be named after me or it would be named after its location.

    It seems a modern phenomenon to give a brewery a 'joke' name or something totally irrelevant to anything in particular. If you look at the oldest breweries still in existance, they are all named after their founders.

    So we have Shepherd Neame; Harveys; Palmers and Elgoods who are the only existing independent breweries from pre 1800.

    The oldest brewery still in existence named after its origin is Old Swan from 1835, but that's probably cheating slightly as it's actually a brew pub, although Felinfoel wasn't far behind.The oldest brewery still around not nammed after its fouders or loaction seems to be Caledonian from 1865. Even then there is a link with Caledonia being an old name for Scotland

    So being the traditionalist I am I'll be going either with Edwards' Brewery which has been done before or Wootton Brewery.

    Tomorrow I'll talk about the beers.


    The Beer Nut said...

    Er, you do realise the world doesn't end at Dover, right? :)

    I quite like the totemic tradition of brewery-naming in these parts. You call the beer after the founder, but the brewery is called something like "The Anchor", "The Stag" or "The Phoenix".

    maeib said...

    TBN - Yeah apologies for my UKcentricity.