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    Thursday, 16 April 2009

    If I Owned A Brewery Part 5 - The Pumpclips And Bottle Labels

    I first thought up this series of posts whilst sat in a pub looking at the pumpclips all over the wall situated about ten feet away. Even with my good eyesight some of the clips were hard to read and if I could make out the beer's name I couldn't neccesarily make out anything else. Even stood just inches away from the bar there have been occasions when reading the beer name has proved problematic. It shocks me why a brewer would make it hard for potential punters to order their beer correctly.

    In my opinion a pumpclip needs three things: the beer name, the brewery name and the ABV. The brewery logo may also be included if it's not too intrusive. Anything else is just superfluous. And all three of the required things should be clear enough and large enough to be read. I think that interesting shaped pumpclips are OK and that that can set a particular brewery's beers apart from others. A good example of a clear pumpclip with the necessary information is those from Milestone, whilst those from Leeds are clear and definitely distinctive.

    The same principles apply for bottle labels. They should be kept plain and simple. The joy of a bottle is the opportunity to use the back label to really go to town. Standing in an off licence struggling to work out what is what is too much of a pain for a grouchy old drinker like me.

    So to paraphrase, like my beer naming policy my labelling is going to be simple and traditional also. I just wish more brewers were like me.


    Anonymous said...

    I couldn't agree more. Trying to work out the message on a pump clip in a dimly lit pub is a real challenge!

    hughie said...

    In my opinion the pumpclips of Nottingham Brewery are among the finest. They have an attractive retro look, a bit like Victorian bottle labels, and they are colour-coded. When you go into a pub you can instantly see there's a Nottingham beer on. Which is always good news, incidentally!