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    Sunday, 2 March 2008

    Sunday Mirror Readers Taste Jacobsen Vintage 1

    For those of you not familiar with British newspapers, you should probably be made aware that The Sunday Mirror is one of our tackiest tabloids. Not quite in the same league as The Sun or News Of The World, but getting there. That they have gotten their hands on a bottle of Jacobsen Vintage1, and allowed morons to sample it is a kick in the teeth to true beer lovers and rare beer seekers throughout the country.

    Oh how I wished they'd invited me to the sampling of this £204 a bottle Danish 10.5% Barley Wine rather than people who state it "tastes just like Becks" or who claim that "even if it was only £2.50 I'd prefer John Smith's." Still that's the standard of beer reporting we've come to expect; it really would have been a more credible article to have spoken to people who appreciate such things.

    I'm aghast at the idea that even with the individual label of each bottle that this beer comes even close to its price tag, but I know a few beer lovers in Denmark who will pool their money to buy a bottle or two. You never know, I might go to a sampling where it is present one day. I'll be sure to report on it, but don't hold your breath.


    Tandleman said...

    Not all the comments are ridiculous though the one from Pete Brown was I reckon. The others don't know any better.

    Pete Brown apparently said: "It is worth every penny in my opinion. I promise you, if you taste this drink it will totally change your perception of beer."

    As a certain comic actor said, "My A*se!" though hopefully Pete has been misquoted as it is at odds with his stated blog opinion

    Zak said...

    Roll on the European Beer Festival in Copenhagen - I'm sure that there will be some of this kicking around somewhere

    The Southport Drinker said...

    The Mirror is a traitor to the cause with its anti-drink scare stories appearing every day. I've been trying to get peopleto boycott it, but their crap editorial is doing the job just fine