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    Monday, 10 March 2008

    Warm Glasses - Schoolboy Error

    My grandparents ran a pub until they retired in the late 1970s. Although they lived quite far from us I was still lucky enough to go visit them a few times a year, and was allowed access to all areas which shouldn't really have been the case for one so young.

    One of the things I actually helped with was washing the glasses. Everything was done by hand back then, so in the corner of the bar area was a sink and draining board for that very function. Things have, of course, moved on from then, and time spent hand washing glasses is wasted time, so it's all done by machine now. Basically a glass washing machine works in a similar way to a domestic dishwasher, but unlike at home, when we would empty the dishwasher at our leisure, the urgent need for clean glasses often leads to the machine being emptied immediately upon the cleaning cycle being completed.

    And what does this lead to? Warm glasses! or in some cases, even pretty hot glasses. Beer should not be served in warm glasses; the heat can transfer to the beer at an unwanted rate. I was served a beer yesterday in a glass which had clearly not been allowed to cool properly. It put me off. I'm sure you've experienced this once or twice, and actually it's not good enough. Should I have rejected my beer and asked for a more temperate glass? What would you have done?


    Boak said...

    Complain! Complain!

    I don't think I've complained about that one yet. I have complained about washing-up liquid scum on glasses though.

    David said...

    I would have most definitely rejected it. I've ranted a few times about frozen glasses on my blog. I think the same would apply to a hot glass. They are not serving a proper pour, so why pay for it? Perfectly within your rights.

    Paul Garrard said...

    I agree, complain. Unless of course the beer was too cold then just stir it with your finger :-)

    Tyson said...

    Difficult-I have accepted it before but it seems to be a growing problem. I'm now of the mind that only bringing it to the pub's attention will get anything done.