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    Saturday, 8 March 2008

    Watching Old Sport Is Good For The Beer

    I was watching some old cricket on television yesterday. My wife is aghast at how I can enjoy sport from before she was born, but that's another story. The match I was watching was The Fourth Test of The Ashes of 1975 played at The Oval.

    I was drawn to one of the advertizing boards around the ground, which was for Tooth Lager. It would appear that this Australian beer has not been brewed for quite some time, which is a shame because it's a better name than Fosters or Castlemaine, and sounds much more manly!. I wonder if any of you have any experiences of drinking this beer, or can tell me why it was discontinued.

    I think I'll be watching more old sport just to look for defunct beer adverts. I know that's gonna go down a treat in this household!

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