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    Thursday, 10 April 2008

    A Herculean Box Of Beer

    It's not every day the postman brings you something special. It's normally junk or, worse still, bills. However on Monday the doorbell rang and there was a very nice man with a delivery for me. It transpires that unsolicited I had been sent a great box of beer from

    Beermerchants call the selection The Hercules Case due to the strength of all the beers. The weakest of the eighteen different brands is a tear-inducing 8% with the strongest being the delicious Bush Ambrée. Also in there is my all time favourite Rochefort 10. There's also a rather snazzy glass, just perfect for most strong Belgian beers. The box was superbly and safely packaged with enough 'peanuts' to keep a monkey happy for a lifetime. To round off the package is an A4 sheet of tasting notes which include recommendations for food pairings. I've not seen this before from online suppliers, and I think it's a really nice touch especially for the beginner.

    For me of course the case was the best value possible, but. at £34.90 for normal customers, it still represents great value. There are other good deals to be had. Give the website a visit and see what you think.


    Whorst said...

    Too bad they there American beer selection is so minimal. I should start an import business. I think the likes of AleSmith, Stone, Green Flash, Ballast Point, Lost Abbey, Pizza Port are ready to shipped.

    maeib said...

    I agree. I wish an importer would bring more US stuff into the country. with any luck someone from Beermerchants will see this and advise.

    Anonymous said...

    More extreme beers from the US will only sell in small quantities in Britain, which makes importing them hardly worth it. That's because importers make money from smallish margins on very large volumes. The economics just aren't right at the moment.