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    Tuesday, 8 April 2008

    Thanks Very Much Then, Goodbye.

    No, this is not me signing off from blogging, but hopefully a discussion on what is another element of a good pub. We all use the phrase "the pub was welcoming", but then it's pretty obvious that they are going to nice to you when you walk in their door. After all you're signalling to them that you are about to spend some of your hard earned money. It's hardly appropriate that you'd be given short shrift and a cold shoulder before you've even dipped your hand in your pocket. Hey, if the welcome's that good you may feel inclined to stay longer and spend some more.

    But what happens when you've had enough and it's time to move on? What would you say to friends when they leave your house? Something along the lines of "Thanks very much, goodbye" wouldn't go amiss. After all you've been a valuable customer and that adieu message may encourage you to return.

    Why then is it so rare to be thanked for your custom and wished nice things on your way. I swear goodbyes and thanks have become rarer over the last twenty years. I don't expect a goodbye from an understaffed drinking barn, but one wouldn't go amiss at a more civilized pub. Has anybody else noticed this phenomenon or is it just that I'm not a valued customer and it's only me??


    haddonsman said...

    It's just you, Mark. Landlords see you making notes and think you're from Environmental Health.

    Most of the pubs I go to give me a cheery-bye when I leave, but I do tend to take my glass back to the bar and say goodbye on the way out.

    My favourite goodbye was that offered by a wonderful guy callerd Bob who used to run the Shrewsbury Arms in Stafford; at 2315 he'd stand by the door and bellow "gentlemen, I've thoroughly enjoyed your company and taking your money. Now will you kindly f**k off home so I can go to bed. Goodnight!"

    maeib said...

    I usually take my glass back too, but it's not always met with gratitude. Do I look like an Environmental Health Officer? Is it because I have a pet cockroach?

    young camra collectiv said...

    I too try to make a point of returning my glass to the bar and thanking the barperson, particularly if I've enjoyed my pint. This is usually met with a smile and a thank you and goodbye by way of return.

    I also agree that a friendly welcome and goodbye would entice me back to a pub (as long as the beer was good obviously) and this, of course, costs the pub nothing.

    And Maieb, yes you do look like an environmental health officer.

    Tyson said...

    I'm with the majority here-it's just you! I find most places (Spoons excpeted) where you return your glass usually say goodbye. But then I live up North, where everyone's friendlier aren't they???

    maeib said...

    It seems to be the concensus. I'm a miserable sod who looks like an EHO.

    Oh well.

    I'm going to mention on here for the next few weeks details of whether I'm thanked or not. It's not going to be scientific, but it will proof some point or other.

    Stonch said...

    I'll only fail to return my glass to the bar if I've not enjoyed myself and want to make a point... which is rare as I've stopped visiting bad pubs.

    In nice pubs, bar staff will expect you to return your glasses to the bar - and think you're a bit rude if you don't. Likewise, customers should expect a cheery farewell from the staff.