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    Friday, 25 April 2008

    Television's Top Pubs

    The Guardian TV and Radio blog today has an article about TV's top 10 bars and pubs. It's a list which is bound to meet with plenty of dissent. For my part there should certainly be a place for The Jockey from Shameless and, my number one, The Grapes from Early Doors.

    Whilst considering this list it made me realise how unrealistic pubs are on television programmes. I mean everybody drinks in them, from your real heavy drinkers like Frank Gallagher down to your sherry supping posh old ladies like Emily Bishop. I'm not sure many ladies of her ilk really are regulars in back street corner boozers, yet she's in there every night the old minx.

    Of course television isn't really life as we know it, and television pubs even less so, but I do enjoy playing spot the pumpclip. I spied Westerham Grasshopper on The Apprentice this week. That's a beer I've never had, so does spotting it on TV count as a tick? I do hope so!


    Tyson said...

    The Grapes is also my favourite. Probably due to all the real ale. Most pubs on tv aren't realistic-with the exception of Shameless. Not only is it a real pub, but the mix of punters is typical for that area.

    haddonsman said...

    The White Horse on Inspector Morse. If only pubs like that actually existed.... ;-)