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    Wednesday, 9 January 2008

    The Roughest Pub On TV

    Shame on you if you live in the UK and don't watch Shameless. This tale of socially inept residents of a Manchester council estate is now in its fifth series, and unlike most series of its kind, is not showing any signs of getting tired and lacking longevity.

    Like a lot of British television series much of the action takes place in the local pub. In this case it's The Jockey which is without doubt the roughest pub in British television. It's almost unheard of not to buy drugs with each pint; the pub is currently run by a murderer and his wife who previously slept with the man who later became her step-father; and all out brawls are par for the course.

    Yet in spite of all this, the bar is adorned with three handpumps. I have never seen anybody drink beer though from these engines which are currently serving Adnams Old Ale (two pumps), and Wells & Young Bombardier. I am not sure why the otherwise accurate depiction of a rough estate pub has these beers (and there is no way Adnams Old would be on), but I can forgive it as it's such wonderful entertainment.


    The Beer Nut said...

    I'm still angry about the handpumps and straight-sided pint glasses in a supposed Irish pub in Heroes. I hardly had time to rage about the accents.

    Boak said...

    The pub on our local estate looks like a disco for drug dealers but boasts real ales on their sign. Have to admit, I've been too cowardly to go in and check it out...

    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    I was watching Midsomer Murders the other day , a pet obsession of mine, they as always I paused to read the pump clips and they had created there own beer "Causton Ale", nice touch.

    Thats some southern beers for a manc hardhouse.