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    Sunday, 6 January 2008

    Reading Beer Blogs Makes Me Thirsty

    It's a typical Sunday afternoon in my house. That means I'm not allowed to watch the football because daughter number one is hogging the television and throws an almighty paddy if I suggest that watching the same Wiggles DVD three times back to back might be a bit much for my sanity.

    So after some important filing work in my office (beer festival programmes etc) I catch up with my beer blog reading. And it's thirsty work! It's amazing how reading about beer makes me want to drink some. Nothing special on this occasion; just a bottle of Tusker. After all the ways things are in Kenya at the moment it may be my last chance to drink this paricular beer (even if it's not very good).

    So I wonder if I'm alone in grabbing a beer while blog reading? Perhaps you're grabbing a beer as we speak, I hope it's something better than what's in my glass. If so Cheers!

    By the way my good friend Simon has updated his blog with a story about a day in Leicester we had recently. It's a good read. Leave him a comment; it might humble him into keeping it updated more regularly.


    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    Absolutly, I often have a pint in my hand as I blogsurf. Actually tonight its a snifter of port, but usually its beer.

    CHELA said...

    No doubt about it!!!! the more I read on the subject the thirstier I am....
    Fortunately, my pint is always with me as well. At this moment an Alhambra 1925 Reserve, an Spanish lager type beer I recommend everybody...Cheers

    haddonsman said...

    Well, I'm enjoying some Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc 2007 at the moment. Friday Night is Wine Night chez haddonsman.

    And thanks for the mention; nobody comments on my blog coz they're usually too pissed to read the whole thing... ;-)