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    Thursday, 17 January 2008

    Wickwar Station Porter - Champion Winter Beer Of Britain

    Despite being a voracious ticker I have never tried Wickwar Station Porter, which has today been crowned Champion Winter Beer Of Britain. I have tried the second and third placed beers Robinsons Old Tom and Hop Back Entire Stout and these are fine brews.

    I have no doubt then that the Wickwar beer is well worth seeking out, and I shall do so at the earliest possible opportunity.

    Wickwar is a fairly small brewery in Cotswold country in Gloucestershire. They started production in 1990, and this is without doubt their greatest accolade to date. I wish them luck keeping up with all the orders which will no doubt start flooding in imminently.


    young camra collectiv said...

    One that's eluded my radar also. Sounds like a worthy winner though and nice to see a porter taking the top prize.

    Old Tom and Entire Stout are both very good contenders, making me even more keen to try it. Fingers crossed it may appear at the Leicester Beer Fest in March...

    haddonsman said...

    Interesting choice. I was fairly nonplussed by it though I had an intensely cold sample at a beer festival.

    I think Wickwar are a massively under-rated brewery, so it'll be good to have their profile heightened.

    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    Old Tom is awesome, on draught I imagine its even better. Bottles of Entire Stout have made it down here before, but always in a terrible state, with the bulk of my bottle going down the sink. None of the Hop Back beers travel well.

    downender said...

    I had a pint of Station Porter tonight in the closest thing to Wickwar's brewery tap, the White Lion in Bristol. Very good it was too - much more flavoursome than the bottled version and dangerously drinkable at 6.1%.