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    Friday, 4 January 2008

    Beers Of 2007

    I've added some information in the left side bar stating my favorite beers from certain countries or in certain styles from 2007.

    Special mention must be made of the year's outstanding beer Struise Earthmonk which I blogged about here. It truly is a thing of beauty. I know it was another blogger's favourite beer of the year also.

    1 comment:

    Mattias said...

    Based on your appreciation of the Nils Oscars Imperial Stout I really hope that you will able to get hold of the full version of Dugges Idjit! released later this year on bottle. Based on what you like I guess you will really like this beer, at least when it is ready and full blown. The first sampling of the test release last year shown that it had the potential of being a beer among the bigger Swedish beers like NO Imp Stout and Kaggen. Compared to Kaggen this beer will available for sales and not only in stupid little batches that you can never get hold of.

    Sample version:!-1st-limited-edition/76382/

    and half a idjit:!/73188/