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    Monday, 21 January 2008

    Cherwell Valley Brewery

    According to Quaffale, a new microbrewery has sprung up in the South of my home county of Northamptonshire.

    This brings the number of micros in Northants to eight, and we have the Carlsberg megakeggery as well (lucky old us).

    Cherwell Valley Brewery is situated in the pleasant market town of Brackley, and is the first brewery in the town since the 1970s when there was a very short lived brewery called Old Mill. Previously to that Hopcraft and Norris ceased brewing in 1959, having commenced production in 1843.

    I have yet to see any Cherwell Valley beers in pubs, and they sadly do not have a website to link to. So, on the off chance that anyone spots their beers please let me know. And if the guys at the brewery are reading this (after all if I owned a brewery I would google it!), then please get in touch.


    pizzathehut said...

    Cherwell Valley Brewery
    there Larks rise is on sale now at the harvester in long itchington warwickshire the also are haveing it for there beer festival in may along withe the cropredy bridge

    Anonymous said...

    I gather beers have been seen in North Oxfordshire area.
    They are doing a launch, in CAMRA North Oxfordshire at Plough at Little Bourton, to be included in the newsletter Beer on Tap.
    They have had beers distributed in BF`s by Bogarts of Manchester.and was told by Steve Wetsby the CAMRA east midlands to take this route.
    They have a BLo Northampton based who they do not commibicate with best number to ring brewery is 07717 078402.
    As also gather will make a service charge for carriage outside 10 mile radius.
    Example leiceter BF asked for £18 carriage charge per cask.
    Will not supply Northants based freehouses.

    Andy Smith said...

    From The Brewery.

    Cherwell Valley Brewery was set up by three chaps from Middleton Cheney in North Oxfordshire. Our plant is situated in Brackley northamptonshire.
    We currently produce two full time and one seasonal real ale all between 3.5 and 4.2% ABV

    Because of our location, you are far more likely to find our beers in pubs closer to the North Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire/Buckinghamshire border. Guys, this is logistics and economics. The cost of fuel makes it inhibitively expensive to provide product and then collect empties in low volumes more than about 16 miles from our base, either in Brackley or Middleton Cheney. But we have and on request often do.

    Normal direct delivery is free, like most breweries, and if you are outside our local area? We can provide you with the name of a good distributer who will happily oblige you with our beers on request.

    We are now members of SIBA and are waiting allocation onto the SIBA direct delivery scheme.

    We do have a web site in development. This has taken some time, but often good things do. As soon as it is up and running I will post the name on this site.

    We sell regularly to a number of public houses and are soon to be embarking on small volume bottling. We have also produced two exceedingly good Sloe Gins which will also be available for sale later this year.
    Again, you will find all of this on our web site, but I am more than happy to add this information here if people would like.

    I hope that this helps people understand us a little more, but if anyone wants to know more then they can contact us at the brewery on 01280 706888 or me directly on 07841 902427.

    Cheers for now
    Andy Smith
    Cherwell Valley Brewery

    maeib said...

    Andy - Thanks for popping in. Please do keep us updated with any developments with the brewery. As my other posts testify I did try two of your beers at Leicester BF, but am yet to see them in any local (to me) pubs. Hopefully with your SIBA membership that may change.