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    Monday, 28 April 2008

    Welsh Beers At The Malt Shovel

    Wherever in the country you live I would hazard a guess that there is a beer festival within ten miles of your front door this bank holiday weekend. If there isn't then you have my sympathy for living in such a barren location. My suggestion would be to move!

    In Northampton we have a festival of Welsh beers at The Malt Shovel. This will be the first festival for some time due to the regular change of landlord over the last year, so unless anything's changed all the handpumps (13) will be handed over to festival beers. The festival runs from Friday evening until Monday night, with all day opening over the weekend which sadly only happens at festival time. Expect the pub to be very busy, but that does make for a special atmosphere. The beer list is below, of the thirty one beers I've only previously had ten, so plenty of new stuff for me to try!!

    Purple Moose

    Snowdonia 3.6%

    Madoc's 3.7%

    Glaslyn 4.2%

    North Wales

    Abergela Ale 5.0%

    Bodelwyddan 3.8%

    Farmers' Favourite 4.0%

    Welsh Stout 4.4%

    Moelfre Mild 3.6%


    Clwyd Gold 3.5%

    Flintshire Bitter 3.7%

    Northern County 3.8%

    Sunny Bitter 4.2%

    Splendid Ale 4.3%

    Dave's Hoppy Bitter 4.3%

    Landslide 4.9%


    Plassey Bitter 4.0%

    Fusilier 4.5%

    Cwrw Tudno 5.0%

    Dragon's Breath 6.0%

    Great Orme

    Orme's Best 4.2%

    Celtic Dragon 4.5%

    Three Feathers 5.0%

    Welsh Mountain IPA 3.8%

    Welsh Black 4.0%

    Jolly Brewer

    Taid's Garden 4.0%

    Suzanne's Stout 5.0%


    Castle Bitter 3.8%

    Welsh Pride 4.0%

    Celebration Ale 4.2%

    Honey Fayre 4.5%

    Mulberry Mild 3.8%


    Tyson said...

    Sorry, no beer festival within ten miles AND I don't live in a barren location! Plenty of pubs, just not any doing fests at the bank holiday. Up North, pub fests are usually held outside peak holiday times. Mind you, can't say I really fancy a Welsh beer fest. Unlikely to be many winners there.

    maeib said...

    Tyson. The barren location was a bit of tongue in cheek. I can see from your blog how good your doorstep is for beer. I think it's a pretty good list. Welsh beer may not be the best in the World (I prefer Welsh cider and perry see here) but there's definitely a few I want to try.

    haddonsman said...

    Someone's obviously doing a grand PR job for Welsh beer; Derby BF will be making a feature of the stuff this year. As long as there's lashings of Seidr Dai and Troggi as well, I'll be happy (and my wife will be legless).

    My nearest fest this weekend is a few fields away to celebrate the landlady's 55th year in charge, plenty of Derbyshire's finest beers to enjoy.

    Tyson said...

    Welsh cider and perry-now you're talking. Probably a bit harsh on the Welsh beer, but I've had a few bad experiences. Still, you've got to try them, haven't you!