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    Wednesday, 30 July 2008

    Oz And James' Big Beer Adventure

    Not since the late Michael Jackson's The Beer Hunter, have we had a decent television series in the UK about beer. Dom Joly tried to feature beer in his Happy Hour series but only ended up with a piece of car crash television as he got drunk and unintentionally insulted Daisy in 't Brugs Beertje.

    Now though, something decent might be afoot, as James May and Oz Clarke are currently filming around Britain, visiting pubs and seeking out the perfect pint. At the weekend they visited the famous Stalybridge Buffet Bar, and it looked like a fantastic time was had by all.

    Oz is a serious drinks journalist, and James will be trying his damnedest to show him that beer is every bit as good as wine. I think though having read and heard Oz's opinions on the matter, that he is a big beer fan anyway, so the series should be a relatively serious study of our favourite beverage.

    The series is due to air in October, and I for one, am looking forward to it.


    bluebirder said...

    Me too. Let's hope the emphasis at Stalybridge is on our tradition (though I presume they'll be touring Europe/the World as well) and they don't just sit around sipping bottles of imported stuff from giant brandy glasses.

    Paul Garrard said...

    Some decent publicity for beer would be good right now. Isn't there a Neil Morrisey programme in the pipeline as well?
    Before we know it there'll be more tv progs about beer than you can shake a stick at!

    Anonymous said...

    If anyone has any ideas as to where Oz is next, please could you post it, I have a great fondness for the old geezer and meeting him for a pint or two would go down great. I'd buy of course!

    Anonymous said...

    Last night they were heading to 'Tan Hill'. Might be on their way somewhere else by now.

    Jambience said...

    They were both in Masham near Ripon (home to the Theakstons and Black Sheep breweries) in the last week on a campsite I was staying on. Had a quick chat with Oz who confirmed the series should be out in October. Couldn't get near to James as he was busy filming for the two days they were there. He's towing their tiny caravan with his Rolls Royce and he ended up getting a puncture. They were also filming each other in the caravan on the evening. It looked like great fun at the time - can't wait for the series to start.

    The Beer Nut said...

    They're heading my way late next week.

    I have a date with the cutting room floor.

    Bailey said...

    I guessed this might be coming after their wine series last year. I just wish it was Jilly Goolden and Jeremy Clarkson. Oh, hang on -- that would be dreadful.

    Beer Nut -- are you going to be on telly!?

    Stonch said...

    How did Dom Joly insult Daisy Claes?

    maeib said...

    He made an unnecessary comment about her hair. Bear in mind she'd been quite ill, it was an ill conceived statement.

    The Buul said...

    Today whilst driving over Sheriffmuir near Stirling i saw a Rolls Royce towing a caravan on a B road - who else but James and Oz!

    Two gents, i stopped and spoke with them before they filmed a take gathering heather tops and making Tae and Beer at a later date i pressume, James was kind enough to speak via my mobile with my Daughter who is a big fan,

    Made my day and my kids month!!


    The Buul said...

    Had the pleasure of meeting both today as they filmed in Scotland at a place named Sheriffmuir, the rolls royce towing a caravan was a sight to see,

    Better still Mr May spoke to my kid via mobile phone and it made her day, week, month , year!!

    Top guys and very welcomming, watch out for episode where they drink Heather Tea!

    Anonymous said...

    Can't stand the pair, too stupid & childish, should concentrate more on informed info re beer