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    Sunday, 31 August 2008

    Marstons - Supporting Innovative Beer

    I can't imagine Marstons PLC aren't getting something big out of the Wetherspoons Beer Festival, but I am mightily impressed with the commitment they are putting into the furtherence of good beer by allowing their premises to be used yet again this Autumn.

    I advised previously that Yo-Ho, Firestone Walker and Mikkeller are coming over here to brew for the next festival. I have now found out that Yo-Ho are to brew at Banks's, Firestone Walker at Marstons, to make use of another union system, and Mikkeller is brewing at Jennings.

    We all saw what foreign brewers are capable of on English plants when Stone came to Shepherd Neame. Let's hope for more great stuff.


    Paul Garrard said...

    Wetherspoons do sell an awful lot of Pedigree. That might account for Marston's enthusiasm.

    YCC - Dubbel said...

    Fair play to them for supporting other brewers of good beer - but sadly they ain't producing much of the stuff themselves. Recently tried two of their (new range?) of monthly 'specials' Merry Monk (May) and Hoggy's Night Watchman (August) & nearly fell asleep in my pint.

    haddonsman said...

    What a headline... do we now get to look forward to 'Carlsberg... it's not that pissy' or 'Tickers are sex gods'? Marstons are happy to let someone with a brain and a hop come and prick about on their plant coz their PR department sniff a good story and a major customer (JDW) wants them to. Anyway, perhaps there's a capacity issue - Marstons have plenty spare, coz they're not using ti to brew Pedi properly any more.