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    Sunday, 17 August 2008

    Struise Black Albert

    Struise cannot do much wrong in my opinion. I've enjoyed all the beers I've tried, and awarded Earthmonk my beer of the year last year. I was pleased to see Pannepot, another favourite of mine, on the bottled list at GBBF. Hopefully this is a sign that these exceptional beers are going to be imported more regularly to the UK.

    Indeed it's alredy started as BeerMerchants have got some Black Albert on sale. This 13% stout has fantastic tasting notes according to the description if you've clicked the link, and certainly make me excited to try the bottle I traded for at GBBF.

    Be warned that supplies are presently pretty small, so get in quick while you can.


    friendly suggestion said...

    you should try and avoid blurring the line too much between advertisment and editorial.

    maeib said...

    Thanks for your suggestion. I see what I am doing not as an advert but as a way of allowing my readers to know when rare and or special beers are imported into the UK.

    I have argued both on my blog and others that there is a merket for better, and perhaps more extreme beers, to be given a marketplace in the UK.

    It would be remiss of me not to 'spread the love' when I hear of such news.

    Yes, BeerMerchants sponsor my blog, but I've advised of new imports by James Clay in the past, and I may have some very interesting news about Wetherspoons shortly.

    I hope no one will accuse me of selling out by bringing this information to genuine beer lovers.