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    Sunday, 17 August 2008

    Out Of Date Beers

    I had a good old sort out of my beers the other night and discovered a fair few which have gone past their best before date. Given the two options of drinking them or tipping them down the sink, I took the first option. I've drank three of them so far and am still alive to tell the tale.

    The first beer I had was the 2006 Limited Edition Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer. The first bottle I had of this in late 2005 was very enjoyable with whiskey notes, vanilla and orange marmalade. This bottle had a best before date of November 2007. It definitely had a musky aged feel to it, but still tasted decent enough. The vanilla had disappeared but the whiskey was just as strong, if not stronger. The bitter citrus fruits were there as well. It tasted stronger than 7.2%, and went down very nicely.

    Beer number two was a can of Carlsberg Carls Jul badged in this country as Carlsberg Christmas Beer and with a best before date of August 2007. For a canned lager a year or so out of date, this was surprisingly good. It is a malty fruity lager, and was still as fizzy as the first can I had in February 2007. There were no signs of age whatsoever.

    Beer number three was Black Sheep Ale with a best before date also of August 2007. I'm not a big fan of Black Sheep beers at all, except perhaps Riggwelter. This tasted just like every other pasteurised Black Sheep bottle I've had - cardboard, caramel and grass - except it tasted slightly old. It was still drinkable, perhaps more so than fresher samples, but I didn't finish the bottle. It's just not my kind of beer!

    I've still got ten or so out of date beers to drink. I'll do so, because my stomach wasn't compromised in any way. I urge you all not to be frightened of out of date beer. In some cases you may actually prefer it!


    Bailey said...

    I think I had a good pint of Black Sheep once. It's very uninspiring from a bottle.

    How is it that filtered, pasteurised American beers seem to keep better than British ones? Perhaps because the alcohol content is that bit higher. Hmmmm.

    Somebloke said...

    Mebbe cos they have at least a hundredweight of hops added per gallon and it keeps 'em going. :)

    What the hell did we do before 'best before' dates eh? Why oh why are we ruled by this stuff now? All out of date donations accepted BTW.

    Andy M said...

    You inspired me to check my out of date beer catalogue - just one, Chang (it's a freebie when you order £25+ at the local thai takeaway) with a Jun 07 best before. Even if it was Jun 09 I still don't think I would be tempted to open the stuff....

    Leigh said...

    funny you should mention this, I've often tried many a bottle 'just past it'and found them to be sound. It's pot luck, but i'm loathe to throw away a full bottle without even having a sniff! God, the things we do for beer...