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    Monday, 15 October 2007

    Italian Beer

    I have been enjoying reading Stonch's blogs about Rome and the beers he has been enjoying over there. It has certainly confirmed what I already knew: that there is a growing interest in craft beer in Italy, and that some very decent stuff is being brewed.

    We have seen some of these beers at GBBF over the last three years, although not so many this year sadly. I have enjoyed beers from Birrificio Lambrate, Panil, Rome Brewing Co, and Birrificio Troll. Sadly I am yet to try beers from other renowned brewers, Birrificio Italiano and Le Baladin.

    Sadly though the beers we see on our supermarket shelves from Italy are all pretty poor lagers so at the moment you need to go to Italy to appreciate the good stuff. To prove this point I drank a bottle of Menabrea 1846 last night. It was pretty vile.

    So Stonch, as you seem to have built up a friendship with some beery people in Italy, how about chatting them up to export some good stuff here?


    Stonch said...

    Mark, it's certainly something that needs to get sorted out and I am talking to people about it. Watch this space. You'll be pleased to hear they all regularly use Ratebeer out there, by the way.

    Anonymous said...

    I had some Le Baladin, last year and there wasnt a bad one among them and there was a couple of crakin ones, id love to see some more of th Best of Italians over here. Craig