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    Monday, 29 October 2007

    Greene King - Only Fit For Cows??

    Greene King, a brewery wrapped up in a business wrapped up in a World domiantion exercise. Loved by their fans, loathed by most drinkers who have a conscience. Brewer of some achingly dull beers, yet with the talent to produce some good stuff. You could almost write a blog entry a day about them. It's all over beerblogdom at the moment about their new dual dispense pump, invented to appease those who like their beer in the Northern style even though it's doubtless brewed in the Southern style. We've also seen great debate regarding their withdrawal of Harvey's beers from a Lewes pub, and my own musings on their text system to critique their beer. Yet their latest venture is actually commendable.

    Cue the jokes, but Greene King are feeding their beer to cattle. Actually to be true they are sending out of date beer to be recycled for cattle feed. There are all sorts of green reasons why this is a nice idea which are mentioned in the BBC report, so hats off to GK. I am not aware what the normal practice is for unusable beer, but this seems as good a venture as there is out there.

    I hope the beer doesn't come to the cows near me though. I really couldn't bear the smell of Greene King IPA cow farts.

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    Anonymous said...

    I used to be a reporter in Bury St Edmunds until mid-1999 and had a good a good relationship with the brewery and easy access to the then directors. There was always beer waiting for me in reception whenever I wrote about them, even bad stuff, but unfortunately just after I moved on they bought Morelands (and closed it) then went for world domination. I now live near Leeds and it's shocking to IPA, Old Speckled and Abbot on draught in so many places. Even more shocking is that they all taste shit, therefore making me doubt how much I used to really enjoy IPA when I lived in Suffolk. A sad demise of a once great brewery, but the usual; "we only have the interests of our shareholders at heart".