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    Monday, 20 August 2007

    Tell Greene King What You Really Think.

    Everybody's favourite brewery wrecker Greede Kerching (aka Greene King) is inviting customers to text their opinions of each GK pint they drink. In what is humorously described as a "quality campaign", beer mats and posters will advertize a text number to which we are invited to answer whether we have had a good pint or not.

    It is many months since I have had a GK product in a pub, and many, many years since I've been in a GK tied pub, which I would bank money are the only pubs this is advertized in. I therefore won't legitimately be able to take place in this research. However I wouldn't dream of sending in bogus messages slagging off their dodgy mass produced poorly brewed IPA, nor would I suggest you do likewise!!

    1 comment:

    Si Reid said...

    I agree that their mass-produced IPA isn't the best - but at least it's better than only having cream/smooth flow (whatever they're chuffin called!) as an option. What gets me are those GK pubs that don't do cask - criminal! Having said that, one of my locals is a Hardys and Hansons food pub - good place for a family meal, only reason I'll go, but they do do a mean pint of Olde Trip