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    Sunday, 26 August 2007

    Why Other People's Parties Are No Fun

    It's a Bank Holiday in England tomorrow which is usually a good excuse for a few beers. There tends to be plenty of pub festivals going on, and even if there's not one local it's always nice to go to the pub on a Monday when you would normally be at work.

    However there will be no pub or festival visit for me tomorrow. It's family party time, and we all know what that means. Crap beer!!. Yes I will be at a relative's house party drinking whatever they've bought in. It's funny how beer geeks like us who only have decent stuff in are happy to buy rubbish lagers for their non beer loving friends or family yet they are reticent to do the same. I could take my own and I often do, but really, why should I? They don't have to do so when they come to my house so why can't I be done the courtesy of having some decent beers in. Every supermarket round here sells Chimay or Duvel at good prices and everyone knows I like Belgian beer so why can't they be purchased?

    It's not gonna happen though. I can see myself either drinking Fosters or (as it's usually pretty safe) Red Wine.

    I may be shocked but I somehow doubt it I'd even be grateful for some Watney's party seven of you could still get it!. I'll report back for those who are interested.

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