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    Thursday, 16 August 2007

    An Old Brewery Stores

    I took the picture on the left today whilst walking around Kettering. The building was used as a stores for Hipwell and Company Brewery of Olney which is just over the county boundary in Buckinghamshire. Hipwell's had a number of tied houses in Kettering and this building was used to house beers destined for these hostelries. The brewery was founded in 1853 and the earliest recorded reference of a stores in Kettering was 1877. The huge Northampton brewer Phipps then took them over in 1920.

    It is likely that this signage dates back to the late 19th Century. Other pictures of the building on the internet and in the book mentioned here show the sign in less than perfect condition. However it is obvious that the building has had some external decoration, and it is to everybody's credit that the Hipwell's sign has been maintained, and almost certainly improved.

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