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    Saturday, 25 August 2007

    Another (Better) GBBF Stash

    After writing this post the other week regarding three beers I bought at GBBF, I was contacted by Craig from Scotland whom I had met at GBBF for the first time.

    Craig thought that my stash wasn't that special and drew my attention to his stash which is pictured left. And a pretty decent haul it is. There may be one or two more common beers, but I reckon I can count eight Kaggens, three Dark Horizons and three bottles of the latest wonderful lambic from 3 Fonteinen. This beer is known as Hommage and is made with 30% raspberries and 5% sour cherries from Payottenland. It has been produced as a dedication to Gaston Debelder the original blender from the 1950s. Early indications are that this is an excellent beer, every bit as good as Framboos which has sadly been discontinued which is a real shame as its average rating on RateBeer is 4.6 out of 5.

    I know Craig will be sharing some of these beers with friends who could not get to GBBF. They are in for some real treats.


    Mattias said...

    Wow, so now you know where all the bottles of Kaggen went, I only got one bottle back to Sweden, :).

    Stonch said...

    Mark, I think you might have trouble getting up and down the stairs! Still, I suppose it provides an incentive to drink it quickly.... ;-)

    maeib said...

    I think Craig has disposed of a fair few of those already as it was the RateBeer European gathering this weekend. Some of the beers have been sent to Norway as well I think. As for putting them on the stairs like that, I'm not sure what Health & Safety would say!!