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    Tuesday, 28 August 2007

    As Predicted - Just Crappy Fosters

    So I was right.

    As predicted on Sunday, the only beer at yesterday's party was Fosters. Needless to say I drank red wine, but even then there was only one bottle between two of us. It really is a poor show and perhaps an example of how people don't take our hobby seriously.


    Stonch said...

    I think I've said this before, but I don't see liking good beer as a hobby. That implies it's something that is necessarily a special, esoteric interest, outside of the norm. Liking decent because it is better than crap beer. It's no more a hobby than liking decent homecooked food as opposed to American junk food.

    The likes of you and I have clearly made our interest of beer into a hobby (we write blogs about it, for one thing). However, I'd like to think others can have a natural appreciation of good beer, and be genuine beer lovers, without that being anything unusual.

    When I go to parties these days I often take a generous clutch of good bottled beers and always find people are keen to get involved. Mind you, my beer cupboard is busting at the seams so I'm glad to get shot of the stuff. Last time I went to a party, others drank my beer while I tucked into the lovely red wine someone else had brought.

    Jonathan said...

    Question: would you rather see crap beer or no beer at a party?