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    Tuesday, 21 August 2007

    Peterborough BF Starts Today

    The 30th Peterborough CAMRA Beer Festival began earlier today. After the Great British Beer Festival, Peterborough is the second biggest in the UK and it is, for many people, the best. In many ways the beerlist is superior to GBBF's in that restrictions don't apply as to the quantity of each beer a brewer can send, thus making the list more eclectic and featuring smaller breweries. We are promised 365 cask beers, 110 real ciders and perries and a selection of bottled beers from UK and beyond. For those that like music the entertainment planned for the evenings is pretty impressive with the highlights (or at least the most well known band) being The Counterfeit Stones.

    Peterborough is an excellent beer festival, but by no means perfect. Due to insufficient volunteers they are forced to close during Wednesday and Friday afternoons. This is a great shame and that is why I have chosen to go on Thursday - because it's open all day! I am meeting non beer geek friends there and taking my wife and daughter so it should be fairly relaxing, although that doesn't mean I won't be seeking out new breweries and quality beers. Nor does it mean I won't have a report for you later in the week.

    One thing the visitors to the festival and the organisers should be proud of is the vast amount of money raised over the years for the RNLI. Donations so far have been sufficient to buy three lifeboats. That is no mean achievement.

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