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    Thursday, 2 August 2007

    10000 Pints From One Brewery

    Wells & Young's Brewing Company are to send more than 10000 pints to next week's Great British Beer Festival. This vast amount of beer from one brewery is more than the total amount drank at many festivals in the UK. Although my personal preference is to drink small brewers' products, large festivals like GBBF do rely on the support of the large companies. Wells & Young's products are not the best in Britain but they are decent enough and I am sure that from the 60000 plus punters who come through the door they will sell pretty much all their beer. At least brewery bars like this should guarantee some beer is available on the Saturday afternoon, rather than CAMRA suffering the indignity of selling out. The festival also benefits from W&Y's sponsorship; they are this year's glasses sponsors. However even with the vast amount of money received in sponsorship beer prices and admission charges are pretty high.

    I won't be drinking any of their products next week, but I do see the need for their presence, and promise not to laugh at those drinking Young's Special while I am geeking out on Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast!

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