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    Friday, 31 August 2007

    Michael Jackson - The Original Scooper And Rater

    Naturally, almost every single beer blogger has written a piece about Michael Jackson after his sad and untimely death late on Wednesday. All of us have been influenced by his love of beer and all of us own many of his books. The book that first got me hooked on beer was Michael's 1977 edition of The World Guide To Beer. Thirty years later this book is still captivating and essential reading. I also have The Beer Companion, and a few versions of his Pocket Beer Book. I cherish these books and will always do so.

    What Michael Jackson did for me and countless others is open eyes to different beer styles and beers from other countries. It made me want to seek out all of these beer styles and it gave me the knowledge to search for the best beers wherever in the World I might go. Michael was lucky enough to taste thousands upon thousands of beers, and it made me jealous. He wrote tasting notes on all these beers (or appeared to in the name of professionalism and journalism) and that was good because he was educating beer lovers like me.

    I guess my jealously of MJ and the fact that he had access to all these beers made me the person I am now - a scooper and a beer rater - for essentially that was what he was at heart. He was just able to do it at such a high standard and make a living out of it. He scooped beers and rated them far better than I can. There are many who suggest that you cannot accurately dissect beers from small samples but MJ could do it. His beer knowledge outweighed mine a hundredfold, and even though I never met him, he gave me the passion to be a beer lover and taught me a huge amount of things about the wonderful drink. The beer world will be forever in his debt but he leaves a large range of excellent educational literature for us all to learn from.

    Let's all raise a glass to Michael Jackson; the original scooper and rater, who of course was much more than that.

    1 comment:

    Fidothedog said...

    Bit behind the times here, only just found out he was dead.

    Shocked to be fair and enjoying reading the blog - keep up the good work etc -

    Shall be doing a post on my site to Mike at some point. RIP.