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    Saturday, 13 October 2007

    Titanic Stout Is Better For You

    We have all read recently that research has once again shown that drinking Guinness has health benefits. Previous advice was for pregnant or nursing women to drink Guinness for its restorative qualities. Present medical advice in this country states that alcohol should be completely avoided throughout pregnancy and breast feeding.

    My wife has long had it in her head that stout is good for her if her iron count is low for any reason. Due to a high amount of blood loss giving birth last week she does have low blood iron at the moment. So what better excuse for drinking stout.

    I refuse however to let her drink Guinness. Put very simply Guinness is just a poor stout. Its flavour profile is weak and I'm not sure its restorative qualities are all that. No, at times like this, there is a much better stout widely available, which I deride great pleasure watching her drink: Titanic Stout has been voted within the top three British bottle conditioned beers for each of the last four years, winning gold in 2004. At 4.5 % it is slightly stronger than Guinness, but taste wise it is many times more flavoursome. It is very roasty and has good coffee and licquorice flavours. It has a full body, in complete contrast to the watery palate of the Irish beer.

    This beer truly deserves its awards and has just the right distribution so as not to skimp on ingredients and quality.

    .Next time you are under the weather, don't buy Guinness, don't even buy Lucozade. Just get some Titanic in.


    Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

    "which I deride great pleasure watching her drink"

    LOL Thats fantastic.

    Stonch said...

    I noticed that Titanic is back on the shelves at my local Sainsbury's after going in the bargain bin then disappearing for a while. Good news.